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Why MDG?

Here are some of the major reasons why clients select MDG over other firms:
  • MDG has a track record of meeting or exceeding client's goals.
  • MDG gets to the point quickly and we can use the information immediately.
  • MDG has a high degree of integrity and tells it like it is.
  • MDG is thorough and comfortable to work with.  The information and recommendations provided are of great benefit and usually right on the mark.
  • MDG does not bill for getting up to speed on projects.  We only bill for productive time.
  • Companies refer MDG to their colleagues. 
  • MDG only employs experienced and proven professionals.
  • MDG is small and focused.  Clients do not pay for expensive overhead.


Here are situations where MDG was brought in to a client engagement:
  • “Sales are down and I need them jump-started.”
  • “My competition is giving me a lot of problems.  What strategies do I need to implement so we can increase our competitive advantage?
  • “What do our customers think about us?  I’d like to sell more to our existing customers.
  • “Our company wants to double sales in the next 5 years.  What strategies do I need to implement and make this happen?” 
  • “I need information fast so I can successfully launch our new products/services.”
  • “My marketing programs are not working.  What went wrong and how can I get back on track?”
  • “I’m thinking about buying a company or introducing a new product – how big is the market, is it growing?”
  • “Where are our company’s greatest new growth opportunities?”
  • “Our sales manager quit, can you help fill in temporarily?”
  • “Is this company a good acquisition candidate?”
  • “I need to identify new markets for my products/services.”

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